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The Blueshield Welding Gloves offer a robust solution for welders who demand high-quality protection. These gloves are favored by professionals for their combination of comfort, durability, and safety features.


  • Premium Leather Construction: The gloves are crafted from top-grade cowhide grain leather, offering a durable outer shell that withstands the demands of welding work.
  • Double Leather Reinforcement: The left hand or right hand features a double leather side, providing extra durability where it's needed most.
  • Flexible and Durable: Made with pliable reverse grain cowhide, these gloves are designed to provide flexibility without sacrificing toughness.
  • Kevlar Stitching: The gloves are assembled with 4-ply Kevlar stitching, ensuring high tensile strength and heat resistance.

For welders seeking dependable hand protection, Blueshield Welding Gloves represent a smart investment. Their reinforced construction and flame-resistant design make them a reliable choice for various welding applications.

These gloves are an excellent addition for any welder, particularly those specializing in pipeline work where additional protection on the left hand is beneficial.

Blueshield Welding Gloves stand out for their superior leather quality, reinforced palm durability, and Kevlar stitching, setting a high standard in welding safety gear.

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