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Step into the world of superior hand protection with the Watson - Tough as Nails - N660T Gloves. Designed for resilience and safety, these gloves feature a heavy-duty nitrile coating on a sturdy cotton interlock shell, ready to withstand the rigors of tough labor.


  • Resilient Coating: A robust nitrile coating offers excellent defense against oils, acids, caustics, and alcohols, ensuring your hands stay protected during demanding tasks.
  • Comfortable Fit: The 100% cotton interlock shell provides a comfortable fit for prolonged use, making them ideal for extensive work sessions.
  • Enhanced Grip: These gloves provide an exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions, enabling you to handle tasks with precision and confidence.
  • Safety Cuff: The slip-on style safety cuff not only facilitates quick donning and removal but also adds an extra layer of wrist protection for your safety.

The Watson - Tough as Nails - N660T Gloves are indispensable for anyone engaged in petrochemicals, construction, warehouse operations, fisheries, or waste management. They offer a balance of dexterity, protection, and comfort that is essential for industrial work.

Whether you're an industrial worker, a construction professional, or involved in fisheries and waste management, these gloves are designed to adapt to your needs, ensuring you can perform your tasks without hindrance.

These gloves stand out in the market for their heavy-duty protection, versatile application across various industries, and enhanced safety features.

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