Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket VB7 is a smaller 20lb bracket than the VB8



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The Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket - Model VB7 is a compact and robust mounting solution designed to secure 20lb fire extinguishers firmly within vehicles. Engineered for stability and accessibility, the VB7 bracket ensures that your fire extinguisher is both securely stored and ready for immediate use in case of an emergency.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Made with durable steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant black paint to withstand the rigors of vehicle movement.
  • Compact Design: A smaller footprint than our VB8 model, making it suitable for limited spaces within a range of vehicle types.
  • Secure Hold: Features a quick-release strap that ensures the fire extinguisher is firmly in place yet allows for rapid deployment.
  • Versatile Mounting: Pre-drilled mounting holes provide versatility in installation, compatible with various vehicle makes and models.
  • Safety Compliance: Designed to meet the rigorous safety standards required for on-road vehicles, contributing to overall safety compliance.

The VB7 Vehicle Bracket is the ideal choice for drivers who prioritize safety and security. Its compact design does not compromise on the strength needed to keep a fire extinguisher stable, no matter the terrain. With the VB7, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your safety equipment is in place and ready whenever you need it.

Whether for commercial fleets, personal vehicles, or off-road equipment, the VB7 is built to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle setup. Its discreet design ensures that it doesn't interfere with passenger comfort or vehicle functionality, maintaining a clean and professional look.

What sets the VB7 apart is its combination of a smaller size and reinforced strength. It provides an optimal balance between space-saving design and the ruggedness needed for vehicle safety equipment. Unlike other brackets, the VB7's quick-release mechanism allows for faster extinguisher access, which can be crucial in an emergency situation.

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