Sperian P100 Filters


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Unlock a new level of protection with Sperian P100 Filters, the ultimate safeguard against particulates. These filters offer a fortress of defense, with a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for all particulates, ensuring clean, breathable air.

Professional Protection

Robust Compatibility: Seamlessly fits with 5500 and 7700 series Honeywell Respirators, providing a snug, leak-proof experience.

NIOSH Approval: Certified performance for peace of mind, these filters meet rigorous health and safety standards.

Advanced Filtration: High-efficiency P100 filter pads, designed to capture the most minute of particulates.

Invest in your health with Sperian P100 Filters, designed for both home and work environments. Their superior filtration capability ensures that you are always breathing the cleanest air, protecting you from a variety of airborne particulates.

Perfect for professionals in dusty, particle-rich environments or DIY enthusiasts tackling home renovations, these filters support an active, health-conscious lifestyle.

Sperian P100 Filters stand out with their unparalleled filtration efficiency and compatibility with top-tier Honeywell respirators. Their professional-grade construction offers reliable protection that's a cut above the rest.

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