Rascoe Zero Hood Winter Liner - Purple


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Brace against the cold while ensuring safety with the Rasco Zero Hood Winter Liner. Designed for workers in challenging environments, this liner provides flame-resistant protection and warmth under any hard hat or helmet.


  • Flame-Resistant Fabric: Made with a cotton knit, this liner is designed to protect against fire hazards.
  • Comfortable Fit: One size fits all, ensuring a snug and universal fit for any user.
  • Optimal Warmth: The material offers substantial warmth, making it an ideal choice for cold weather work.
  • Safety Ratings: With an ATPV rating of 17 cal/cm², it meets CAT 2 requirements for thermal protection.

The Rasco Zero Hood Winter Liner is a critical addition to your winter work gear. It offers not just comfort and warmth but also peace of mind, knowing you're protected from fire hazards.

Easy to wear and compatible with other headgear, this liner is perfect for long hours outdoors, ensuring you stay warm and protected from the elements.

Unlike regular winter liners, the Rasco Zero Hood offers flame resistance along with its insulating properties, setting it apart as the go-to option for professionals in industries where fire safety is a priority.

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