Fire Resistant Toque Winter Hat - Nomex - Black


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Introducing the Nomex FR Toque, the ultimate in headwear protection designed for those who work in environments where safety and warmth cannot be compromised. This flame-resistant toque offers superior protection while maintaining a comfortable and snug fit, perfect for colder conditions or hazardous work settings.


  • Flame Resistant: Made from Nomex material, known for its excellent flame-resistant properties.
  • Comfortable Fit: Soft knit design ensures a comfortable fit, suitable for prolonged wear.
  • Heat Retention: Provides warmth in cold conditions without compromising safety.
  • Durable Design: Constructed to maintain integrity and shape even after repeated wear and washes.
  • Versatile Style: Classic black color and sleek design make it suitable for professional and casual settings.
  • Safety Certified: Meets industry standards for flame resistance, providing peace of mind for wearers in hazardous job sites.

The Nomex FR Toque is an essential accessory for anyone requiring headwear that offers both flame resistance and warmth. Its combination of safety features and comfortable wear makes it a smart choice for professionals in the field.

Ideal for workers in the petrochemical, electrical, and firefighting industries, or for anyone who requires flame-resistant gear as part of their occupational wardrobe.

The Nomex FR Toque sets itself apart with its certified flame-resistant capabilities and comfortable, warm fit, offering protection without sacrificing comfort or style.

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