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Welcome to the tiny toes edition of robust comfort with 'My First Mucks' by Muck. These adorable booties are designed to provide the youngest adventurers with the same quality protection and warmth that Muck is known for, in a pint-sized package perfect for little feet.


  • Soft and Safe Materials: Made with soft, flexible fabrics to ensure comfort and safety for delicate baby feet.
  • Easy On and Off: Designed with convenience in mind, these booties feature easy-to-use hook-and-loop fasteners for quick changes.
  • Charming Designs: Available in various colors and patterns, from classic camouflage to playful hearts, to suit any infant's budding style.
  • Gentle Support: While lightweight, these booties offer just enough structure to support early walkers.
  • Machine Washable: Easy to clean, they're machine washable, ensuring they're ready for all the spills and thrills of infancy.
  • Muck's Trusted Durability: Built with the same commitment to quality as adult Muck boots, ensuring they last as keepsakes long after they're outgrown.

'My First Mucks' are more than just baby shoes; they're a warm and cozy start to a lifetime of exploration. Give your little one the comfort and protection they need as they take their first steps into the world.

Perfect for indoor play or outdoor strolls in the pram, 'My First Mucks' are as versatile as they are endearing, making them a must-have for any new parent.

'My First Mucks' stands out in the world of infant footwear with their unique blend of Muck's renowned durability and child-friendly designs, making them an ideal choice for parents who value quality and style.

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