Mens Fire Resistant Jeans - Miller Cinch - Carter Cut


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The Miller Cinch FR - Carter Jeans combine classic styling with modern safety features. These flame-resistant jeans are designed for workers who need protection from potential hazards without sacrificing comfort and style in their everyday wear.


  • Flame-Resistant Material: Constructed with durable materials that meet the FR safety standards, offering protection against accidental exposure to flames.
  • Stylish Comfort: The Carter Jeans feature a relaxed fit with a stylish cut, ensuring comfort throughout the workday while maintaining a professional look.
  • Reinforced Construction: Key stress areas are reinforced, providing extra durability where it's needed most, ensuring these jeans stand up to the demands of tough work environments.
  • Versatile Design: While built for safety, these jeans offer a versatile design that transitions effortlessly from the job site to casual outings.
  • Functional Pockets: Equipped with practical pockets, these jeans are not only protective but also provide convenience for carrying essentials.

The Miller Cinch FR - Carter Jeans are an essential for the modern worker, blending everyday comfort with essential safety features. They represent an investment in both style and workplace safety.

Ideal for the craftsman, electrician, or any industrial professional, these jeans fit seamlessly into both work and leisure activities. They offer a practical choice for those who value durability and safety in their daily attire.

What sets the Carter Jeans apart is their ability to provide flame resistance without compromising on the fit and finish of traditional denim. They are a testament to the idea that safety wear can also be stylish and comfortable.

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