BW - MC-TC-1 Test Cap and Hose (1 ft. / 0.3 m) Replacement


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Maintain the accuracy and reliability of your BW Technologies gas detection equipment with the BW - MC-TC-1 Test Cap and Hose. This essential replacement part ensures that your safety equipment is always ready for precise calibration and testing. With a 1-foot (0.3-meter) hose, it provides just the right length to facilitate easy connectivity without unnecessary slack. Designed for durability and ease of use, this test cap and hose set is an indispensable component in the routine maintenance of your gas detector.

List of Features:

  • Custom Fit for BW Technologies Devices: Specially designed for compatibility with BW gas detectors.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand regular use and resist wear.
  • Leak-Proof Connection: Creates a secure, airtight seal for accurate calibration and testing.
  • Optimal Length: 1-foot (0.3-meter) hose provides flexibility without excess length.
  • User-Friendly Design: Facilitates quick and simple attachment and detachment.
  • Vital for Regular Maintenance: A key part of ensuring ongoing compliance with safety standards.

The BW - MC-TC-1 Test Cap and Hose is more than a replacement part; it's a commitment to the precision and safety of your operations. By ensuring a proper fit and airtight seal, you can trust that your gas detectors will function correctly when you need them most, keeping your environment safe from potential gas hazards.

For professionals who depend on gas detection equipment, the BW - MC-TC-1 is a low-profile yet essential accessory that seamlessly integrates into your safety checks. It's easy to store, transport, and use, whether you're in the field or conducting routine maintenance in the workshop.

This replacement test cap and hose set is specifically tailored for BW Technologies devices, ensuring unmatched precision over generic counterparts. Its robust design and perfect fit reinforce its status as the go-to choice for maintaining BW gas detection equipment.

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