Two Snap 6 foot Lanyard - KOSTO - Tubular - Yellow


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Elevate your safety gear with the Kosto Tubular Two Snap 6ft Lanyard, a robust and reliable companion for your high-altitude tasks. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lanyard ensures secure attachment while providing the flexibility and shock absorption needed when working at heights.


  • Dynamic Strength: Composed of a resilient 1" nylon core with a protective polyester tubular sheath to withstand rigorous use.
  • Energy Absorption: Features an internal energy absorber designed to minimize impact forces during a fall.
  • Secure Carabiners: Includes two zinc-plated steel carabiners with a double-lock mechanism and a 3/4" opening, each with a maximum force resistance of 17 kN (3,600 lb.).
  • Impact Indicator: Comes with an impact indicator for easy inspection of the lanyard's integrity after a fall incident.
  • Optimized Fall Protection: Engineered to arrest a peak force of 408 kg (900 lb.) with a maximum fall distance of 1.8m (6').
  • Deployment Precision: Guarantees a maximum deployment length of 1.2m (4'), ensuring the user's safety.
  • Versatile Weight Range: Accommodates a wide range of worker weights with tools, from 66kg (145lb) to 140kg (310lb), offering versatility across team members.
  • Safety Certified: Adheres to CSA Z259.11-17 Class B standards, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety protocols.

Choose the Kosto Tubular Two Snap 6ft Lanyard for its unmatched reliability and safety. With its built-in energy absorber and robust carabiners, it offers peace of mind for workers operating at height, making it a critical component of your safety system.

This lanyard seamlessly integrates into the daily routine of construction workers, tower climbers, and aerial lift operators, offering them the assurance of safety as they navigate the vertical aspects of their job.

The Kosto Tubular Two Snap 6ft Lanyard outperforms ordinary lanyards with its advanced safety features, including the impact indicator and a wider worker weight range, establishing a new benchmark for fall arrest systems.

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