Rain Coat Orange  - Kosto - VMK502


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Embrace the rain with the Kosto Rain Coat Orange - VMK502, a beacon of safety and dryness in the midst of any downpour. This raincoat is meticulously designed for those who work in the most demanding conditions, offering not just waterproof protection but also visibility and durability.


  • Optimal Visibility: The bright orange fabric is complemented by reflective stripes, ensuring you are easily seen in low-light conditions.
  • Complete Water Resistance: Made with waterproof materials that keep you dry and comfortable, no matter how heavy the rain.
  • Practical Design: Comes with a protective hood, secure pockets, and a storm flap over the front zipper for added protection against the elements.
  • Durable Wear: Engineered to resist tearing and abrasions, maintaining its integrity and protective capabilities through rigorous use.
  • Adjustable Fit: Features adjustable cuff fastenings and a spacious design to accommodate layering and offer a personalized fit.
  • Easy Maintenance: Constructed with materials that are easy to clean, ensuring the coat remains functional and presentable.

The Kosto Rain Coat Orange - VMK502 is the ideal choice for professionals who require reliable weather protection that doesn't compromise on safety. It's more than just a raincoat; it's an essential part of your workwear that stands up to the elements.

Perfect for anyone in construction, traffic management, or other outdoor roles, this raincoat ensures that your work goes on uninterrupted by the weather, providing a dependable layer of protection.

This raincoat distinguishes itself with its combination of high-visibility features, waterproof reliability, and durable construction, offering comprehensive protection in a single, easy-to-wear garment.

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