CHK150 Harness 4 Rings - Kosto - Yellow


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Step into the zone of safety and assurance with the "Kosto - CHK150 Harness 4 Rings." Engineered to offer superior protection and support, this harness integrates critical safety features with unparalleled ergonomic design for workers operating at heights.


  • Dorsal and lateral D-rings for secure attachment points, including a convenient front ring for added versatility in work positioning.
  • Easy-to-use tongue buckle leg straps for quick and secure adjustments.
  • Five points of adjustment with two on the legs, two on the torso, and one on the chest to ensure a snug, customizable fit for a variety of body types.
  • Substantial capacity to support up to 160 kg (352 lb.), accommodating a wide range of individuals and gear.
  • Innovative X-PVC structure to prevent tangling and ensure the harness maintains its shape, making it easier to put on.
  • Compliance with CSA Z259.10 Class ALP and ANSI Z359.1 standards, ensuring the harness meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

The Kosto - CHK150 Harness is an investment in safety for any professional working at heights. It offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the task at hand, secure in the knowledge that your harness is designed for both safety and comfort.

Whether for construction, tower climbing, stage rigging, or rescue operations, this harness is built to integrate with a range of professional environments. Its robust construction and intuitive design ensure it’s an essential part of your safety equipment.

With its multipoint adjustment system and multiple D-ring configurations, the Kosto - CHK150 Harness offers a level of adaptability and safety that sets it apart from standard harnesses. Its PVC X-pattern and capacity for substantial weight make it a standout choice for safety-conscious industries.

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