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6 Foot Lanyard with Scaffold Hook and Carabiner - Kosto - Yellow


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Step into the world of superior safety with the Kosto CCK618 - 6' Lanyard CL-B 2 Snap. A fusion of advanced material engineering and safety standards, this lanyard is a lifeline for professionals working at heights, ensuring a secure and reliable connection at all times.


  • Innovative Energy Absorber: Tubular-style design that effectively dissipates force, with a durable nylon core and a 1" polyester sheath.
  • Robust Connectors: Features a zinc-plated steel double lock carabiner and a 2.2" galvanized steel self-locking scaffold hook for steadfast attachment.
  • Compliance and Safety: Meets the rigorous Class B certification, with both CSA Z259.11-17 and ANSI Z359.13 standards for fall protection.
  • Impact Indicator: Includes a clearly visible impact indicator for prompt inspection and safety compliance.
  • Arresting Capability: Designed to handle a peak arrest force of 900 lb. (408kg), ensuring user safety during a fall.
  • Calculated Fall Dynamics: Accommodates a maximum fall distance of 1.8 m (6') and a maximum deployment of 1.2 m (4'), providing optimal safety margins.

The Kosto CCK618 - 6' Lanyard CL-B 2 Snap represents a commitment to safety without compromise. With its meticulous compliance to safety standards and robust construction, it's an investment in reliability for any safety-conscious professional.

This lanyard is a staple for workers in construction, utility, or any trade that requires working from heights. It's designed to integrate seamlessly into daily safety protocols, offering consistent protection without impeding workflow.

The Kosto CCK618 sets itself apart with dual certification and a state-of-the-art energy absorber. These features ensure that it not only meets but exceeds industry safety requirements, offering an extra level of security that professionals can trust.

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