Kosto - CCK350 - 5/8 Vertical Lifeline - 50'


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Ensure safety and reliability with the "Kosto - CCK350 - 5/8" Vertical Lifeline - 50'." Specifically designed for vertical ascent and descent in the workplace, this lifeline is an essential piece of safety equipment for high-altitude workers.


  • Sturdy 5/8" rope diameter for a secure grip and reliable performance.
  • High-strength construction capable of withstanding the toughest environments.
  • Integrated shock absorber to reduce fall arrest forces.
  • Durable steel snap hook for easy and secure attachment.
  • 50-foot length for ample reach in various work scenarios.
  • Bright green color for high visibility and easy compliance checks.

The Kosto - CCK350 Lifeline is more than just equipment; it's a lifeguard for workers at heights. It meets rigorous safety standards and is crafted with attention to detail to ensure that every ascent and descent is as safe as possible.

This lifeline is essential for construction workers, tower climbers, and anyone involved in vertical work. It's built to support a safer work environment, whether you're on a skyscraper or a communications tower.

The Kosto - CCK350 stands out with its robust build and integrated safety features. It's not just a line; it's a dependable partner for workers who rely on their equipment to keep them safe every day.

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