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The Kosto - Cable Anchor Sling is the epitome of strength and reliability, designed to ensure maximum safety and durability in high-stakes environments. It's an essential tool for professionals who demand the best in safety equipment.


  • Robust Galvanized Steel Cable: Constructed with a 1/4" galvanized steel core and coated with a 5/16" PVC layer for exceptional resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Dual Eyelets: Equipped with two eyelets for secure attachment of CSA Z259 and/or ANSI Z359 approved carabiners.
  • Weight Capacity: Suitable for a combined weight range of 130 to 310 lbs., accounting for the person, clothing, tools, and more.
  • Superior Strength: Offers a minimum anchor strength resistance of 22kN—5,000lb (2,268kg) per individual, ensuring safety for every use.
  • Versatile Anchorage: The sling can be swiftly wrapped around compatible steel beams or ramps, providing a sturdy anchor point when connected to a compatible component.

With the Kosto - Cable Anchor Sling, you're not just purchasing a piece of equipment; you're investing in peace of mind. It's a fusion of industrial-grade materials and engineering, crafted for those who leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety.

This sling is an indispensable component in a variety of safety systems, suitable for construction, rigging, and rescue operations. Its intuitive design allows for quick and easy setup, ensuring you're anchored and secure without delay.

The Cable Anchor Sling stands out with its dual eyelet feature and robust PVC coating, making it a superior choice for safety and longevity. It's a trusted partner in safety for workers across industries, providing reliable support where it matters most.

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