Mens Fire Resistant Insulated Coverall Styles - CAT - USB201 - Blue


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Step into the ultimate protection with the IFR - USB201 Insulated Coverall. Designed for the professional who confronts the elements head-on, this coverall doesn't just shield you from the cold but also ensures your safety with its flame-resistant features.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive Insulation: Packed with robust insulation, these coveralls lock in warmth, offering comfort in low-temperature environments.
  • Flame-Resistant Material: Crafted from materials that meet the highest standards of flame resistance, ensuring your safety in hazardous conditions.
  • High-Visibility Accents: Featuring reflective striping for increased visibility, crucial for safety in low-light working conditions.
  • Durability and Comfort: Constructed with a focus on both longevity and wearability, so you can focus on the task without distraction.
  • Practical Pockets: Ample pocket space for tools and personal items, designed for convenience and efficiency.
  • Easy to Don: Equipped with sturdy zippers and snap closures that make getting in and out of the coverall hassle-free, even with gloves.

The USB201 Insulated Coverall is the ideal choice for those in industries like oil and gas, utilities, and other sectors where flame resistance and insulation are non-negotiable.

Built for the rigors of demanding work, this coverall is also suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who require the highest level of protection against the cold and fire exposure.

The IFR - USB201 sets itself apart with its blend of warmth, protection, and visibility. It stands as an essential piece of workwear for those who need to stay safe and visible on the job.

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