Mens Fire Resistant Two Piece Coverall Pants - CAT - IFR - Blue - USB151 - 34

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The IFR USB151 (34) Two-Piece Coverall - Pants are a superior choice for safety and functionality in industrial environments. Designed with the wearer in mind, these coverall pants are CAT 2 rated with an ATPV of 12.4 cal/cm², ensuring robust protection against thermal hazards while offering the flexibility and convenience of a two-piece garment.


  • CAT 2 ATPV Protection: With an ATPV of 12.4 cal/cm², these pants provide essential flame resistance for high-risk areas.
  • High-Visibility Striping: Integrated with reflective striping for heightened visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality ultrasoft fabric that can withstand rigorous use.
  • Practical Pocket Design: Features ample pocket space, including side pockets and back pockets for tool storage.
  • Adjustable Waistband: Includes an adjustable waist for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Reinforced Knees: Extra padding at the knees for durability and comfort during demanding tasks.
  • Easy Layering: The two-piece design allows for convenient layering with other safety gear.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of industrial applications, from construction sites to utilities work.

For industrial workers who need dependable protection with the ease of a two-piece suit, the IFR USB151 (34) Coverall Pants are the perfect solution, blending safety, utility, and comfort.

These coverall pants are not only fit for rigorous work conditions but also provide ease and flexibility for day-to-day tasks, making them an excellent choice for professionals in various fields.

Distinctive in their design, the IFR USB151 (34) Two-Piece Coverall Pants offer the added benefit of convenient donning and doffing, which is not often found in traditional one-piece coveralls, along with the assured safety of flame-resistant material.

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