Mens Stealth Nitrile Work Glove - Watson Gloves - All Sizes - Grey

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The Glove Stealth Black Ops is a robust ally in any work environment, combining the best of PVC and nitrile to offer superior protection and grip. These gloves are meticulously designed for those who engage in precision tasks in potentially hazardous conditions, ensuring hands are safeguarded while maintaining the tactile sensitivity required for detailed work.


  • PVC/Nitrile Coating: Offers excellent resistance to oils, chemicals, and abrasion, while ensuring a secure grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Stealth Design: The sleek black color not only looks professional but also helps in masking dirt and stains, keeping the gloves looking sharp longer.
  • Comfortable Fit: Seamless knit design provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue during extended wear.
  • Breathable Back: The glove's back is breathable, providing ventilation to keep hands cool.
  • Dexterity and Sensitivity: Despite their protective coating, these gloves allow for fine motor skills and sensitive touch for complex tasks.
  • Snug Cuff: The snug-fitting cuff prevents debris from entering the glove and keeps it firmly in place.

The Stealth Black Ops Gloves are engineered for industries that demand both dexterity and durability. They are a perfect choice for automotive work, machinery operation, or any task that requires handling of chemicals or oils.

These gloves are versatile enough to be used for professional tasks, DIY projects, or any activity that requires a high level of hand protection without sacrificing the ability to feel and manipulate objects.

What sets the Stealth Black Ops Gloves apart is their hybrid coating, offering the benefits of both PVC and nitrile, making them more versatile than standard single-coated gloves.

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