Safety Glove 360TPR Destroyer Impact - Watson Gloves - Red and Orange

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The 360TPR Destroyer Impact Gloves are engineered to provide unmatched hand protection for those working in hazardous conditions. These gloves feature advanced Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact protection on the backhand and fingers, shielding against knocks and abrasions. With their exceptional durability and dexterity, they are ideal for use in construction, automotive work, and heavy industry.


  • Superior Impact Resistance: Incorporates TPR guards to absorb shocks and impacts, protecting the back of the hand and fingers.
  • Enhanced Grip: The palm area is designed with specialized materials for improved grip strength in wet and dry conditions.
  • High-Dexterity Design: Maintains finger mobility for handling tools and machinery with precision.
  • Breathable Fabric: The glove body is made from a breathable fabric, keeping hands cool and comfortable during extended wear.
  • Secure Fit: Features an adjustable wrist closure for a snug and secure fit, preventing debris from entering the glove.
  • Visible Detailing: High-contrast colors and reflective elements improve visibility and safety on the job site.

For professionals seeking comprehensive hand protection without sacrificing comfort or functionality, the 360TPR Destroyer Impact Gloves are the perfect solution. They offer peace of mind in high-risk environments where hand safety is paramount.

These gloves are a valuable asset for anyone involved in manual labor or industries where hand protection is crucial, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and utility services.

What sets the 360TPR Destroyer Impact Gloves apart from others is their blend of total hand protection with ergonomic design. The gloves provide a balance of safety features and user comfort, making them a top choice for professionals.

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