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Introducing the Geliget Navy FR Overall - 71500005Z, designed for professionals who refuse to compromise on safety or comfort. These flame-resistant overalls offer superior protection in hazardous work environments while providing a functional fit for all-day wear. Crafted with attention to detail, they are the ideal attire for those who demand the highest safety standards in industries such as petrochemical, utilities, and beyond.


  • Flame-Resistant Material: Constructed with premium fabric that meets the rigorous FR safety standards for complete protection against fire hazards.
  • High Visibility Accents: Equipped with reflective strips for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, increasing safety on the job.
  • Reinforced Stress Points: All critical areas are reinforced to withstand the demands of tough physical work and extend the overall's lifespan.
  • Comfortable Fit: Adjustable straps and an elastic waist ensure a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating a range of body types and movements.
  • Ample Storage: Multiple pockets, including tool and utility pockets, provide practical storage for essential items.

The Geliget Navy FR Overall is an investment in workplace safety and personal protection. It delivers peace of mind to the wearer, knowing they are shielded by high-quality, flame-resistant fabric, while also enjoying a comfortable and practical garment for day-to-day tasks.

Perfect for the rigorous demands of on-site work, these overalls are just as suitable for a professional setting as they are for practical, manual labor. Their durability and protective features make them a staple in any safety-conscious worker's wardrobe.

The Geliget Navy FR Overall distinguishes itself with a combination of safety, functionality, and comfort, making it a preferred choice for professionals seeking comprehensive protection without sacrificing ease of movement or convenience.

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