Womens Fire Resistant Canvas Pants - Carhartt - Khaki


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Carhartt's Women's FR Khaki Canvas Pant is a fusion of functionality and form, specifically designed for the resilience and safety required in high-risk environments. These pants embody a commitment to protection, made with Flame Resistant (FR) fabric, tailored to meet the needs of women who work in challenging conditions without compromising on style or comfort.


  • FR Protection: Meets the NFPA 70E standards and is UL® Classified to NFPA 2112, providing essential protection in hazardous conditions.
  • Durable Canvas Fabric: Constructed with a blend of cotton and high-tenacity nylon for a sturdy yet comfortable wear.
  • Mid-Rise Waist: Designed with a mid-rise waist for a secure and flattering fit.
  • Multiple Pockets: Equipped with generous pockets, offering practical storage options.
  • Relaxed Fit: Offers a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs for ease of movement.
  • Triple-Stitched Seams: Ensures durability with triple-stitched main seams.

These FR canvas pants are an indispensable part of the workwear wardrobe for those who need dependable protection with a professional look. They are crafted to keep you safe and comfortable, whether you're on the job or engaging in rugged outdoor activities.

Whether it's a day at the construction site, in the workshop, or an adventurous outing, these pants are built to withstand demanding activities while ensuring your safety and comfort.

The Carhartt Women's FR Khaki Canvas Pant stands out with its tailored fit for women, robust construction, and safety compliance, offering a rare blend of style and functional safety in women's workwear.

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