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Sherpa Dog Bed - Carhartt - Khaki


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The Carhartt Sherpa Dog Bed provides a perfect retreat for your four-legged partner after a day full of activities. Echoing Carhartt's legacy in crafting durable workwear, this dog bed is fashioned from the same robust duck canvas renowned for its endurance. Topped with a luxuriously plush Sherpa fleece, it promises comfort and serenity for your pet's well-deserved relaxation.


  • Durable Duck Canvas Exterior: Utilizes a 12 oz firm-hand cotton duck canvas, complete with a water-repellent coating to withstand daily use.
  • Comfortable Sherpa Top: The bed's surface is lined with a soft Sherpa fleece, offering a cozy spot for your dog to snooze.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features a washable shell with a fully removable polyester fiber filled cushion, simplifying cleaning.
  • Concealed Zipper Design: Equipped with an extra wide YKK® zipper, discreetly tucked away under a flap to prevent any snagging.
  • Sized to Fit: Available in small (20"W x 28"L x 4.25"D) and medium (27"W x 35"L x 4.25"D) to accommodate various dog breeds and sizes.

For the dog that's as much a part of your family as it is your work life, the Carhartt Sherpa Dog Bed is a slice of luxury. It's not only built to last but also designed to provide the utmost comfort for your pet, whether they're curling up for the night or just taking a well-earned break.

This bed is ideal for any corner of your home, garage, or even the back of your truck. It ensures your pet has a comfortable place to rest, regardless of where your daily adventures have taken you.

With the Carhartt Sherpa Dog Bed, your pet experiences the ruggedness and comfort synonymous with the Carhartt name. This bed stands apart in the market for its combination of durability, comfort, and easy maintenance—ensuring it's a lasting sanctuary for your pet.

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