BW QT-C01-MC5 Multi-Unit Cradle Charger for GasAlertQuattro, 5-Units


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Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with the BW QT-C01-MC5 Multi-Unit Cradle Charger for GasAlertQuattro gas detectors. Designed to accommodate up to five devices at once, this cradle charger is an ideal solution for busy work environments where time and space are at a premium. Keep your team's safety monitors charged, organized, and ready for deployment with this essential accessory.

List of Features:

  • Multi-Charging Capability: Charges up to five GasAlertQuattro units simultaneously.
  • Streamlined Design: Compact cradle conserves workspace and organizes devices neatly.
  • Fast Charging: Efficiently restores battery life to full capacity without overcharging.
  • Easy Docking: Simply slide devices into place for a secure connection.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of daily industrial use.
  • Status Indicators: LED lights provide clear charging status for each individual unit.

The BW QT-C01-MC5 Multi-Unit Cradle Charger is the perfect solution for teams that rely on the GasAlertQuattro for day-to-day operations. It ensures that all units are charged and ready for the next shift, facilitating continuous protection without interruption.

For safety managers and team leaders, this multi-unit charger streamlines the management of gas detection equipment. It's a central charging station that becomes a focal point in the equipment maintenance routine, offering convenience and reliability.

This cradle charger stands out for its ability to charge multiple units at once, saving time and space. Unlike single-unit chargers, it's designed for the specific contours of the GasAlertQuattro, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal charge for each device.

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