BW GasAlert Mx XT II Pump Monitor: Serial


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The BW GasAlert Max XT II Pump Monitor is a robust, high-precision gas detection instrument, essential for ensuring safety in challenging environments. This advanced monitor is equipped with an internal pump for active sampling, allowing for more accurate readings even in remote areas. Designed for enhanced durability, the GasAlert Max XT II ensures consistent performance for detecting hazardous gases, making it a trusted tool for industrial safety professionals.

List of Features:

  • Integrated Pump: Facilitates sample-drawing from up to 75 feet for more accurate and flexible readings.
  • Multi-Gas Detection: Monitors H₂S, CO, O₂, and combustible gases simultaneously with reliable sensors.
  • One-Button Operation: Simplifies use, reducing user training and accelerating response times.
  • Extended Battery Life: Offers full-shift operation, ensuring continuous monitoring.
  • Intelligent Charging: The battery charges quickly and retains charge for extended periods.
  • Robust Design: Withstands harsh industrial environments with a reinforced case.
  • Clear Display: Large screen shows real-time gas concentrations and alarm status.

The GasAlert Max XT II is designed for reliability and ease, offering comprehensive gas detection in a portable, user-friendly device. With the ability to test for multiple gases and draw samples from a distance, it's an indispensable safety device for a wide range of field applications.

This pump monitor integrates seamlessly into the daily routines of safety personnel in industries such as oil and gas, wastewater treatment, utilities, and more. Its ease of use and reliable performance make it a non-negotiable part of safety equipment kits.

The BW GasAlert Max XT II stands out with its internal pump and the capability to remotely sample specific areas, offering enhanced protection against gas hazards. Its rugged design and comprehensive detection capabilities set a new standard for portable gas monitors.

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