Balloon Bump Test Kit Adaptor - Sensit - 880-00018


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The Balloon Bump Test Kit is an essential tool for ensuring the accurate performance of gas detection equipment. This simple yet effective kit is designed to test the functionality of gas detectors by providing a controlled release of gas to ensure the sensors are responding correctly. The kit features a durable, high-quality balloon with a specialized valve and tubing to deliver test gas from a cylinder to the detector.


  • Easy-to-use design for quick and reliable bump testing.
  • Durable balloon material ensures long-lasting use and resistance to wear.
  • Precision valve and tubing for controlled gas flow to the detector.
  • Portable and lightweight for field testing in any location.
  • Compatible with various gas detection models for versatile use.

Regular bump testing is crucial for the safety of personnel in environments where gas leaks can occur. This Balloon Bump Test Kit provides a straightforward solution for daily detector verification, helping maintain workplace safety compliance.

Suitable for industrial, laboratory, or field environments, this bump test kit can be effortlessly integrated into safety protocols to ensure that gas detection equipment is always in peak condition for emergency response.

With its ease of use and effectiveness, the Balloon Bump Test Kit stands out as a practical choice for businesses that prioritize safety and compliance in gas detection.

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