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The Atlas Guardian® Pro Disposable FR Coveralls offer top-tier protection with the advanced Guardian® Pro FR Fabric. These coveralls are designed to meet the most demanding safety needs, featuring elastic cuffs, ankles, and hood for a secure fit and enhanced coverage. Meeting ANSI/ISEA 203 and NFPA 2113 2020 standards, they provide reliable protection in hazardous work environments.


  • Guardian® Pro FR Fabric offers superior flame resistance.
  • Elastic cuffs, ankles, and hood ensure a snug fit that keeps out hazards.
  • Full compliance with ANSI/ISEA 203 and NFPA 2113 2020 for peace of mind.
  • Relaxed fit construction allows for a full range of motion in the arms, legs, and neck.
  • Full zipper closure with double-sided tape for secure and safe wear.
  • Breathable material for comfort in long-term use scenarios.
  • Mandatory to be worn over NFPA 2112 certified garments for layered safety.
  • Stocked in all sizes from S to 7XL, accommodating a diverse workforce.

Choose the Atlas Guardian® Pro for its unparalleled commitment to safety and comfort. These coveralls are ideal for industries that require strict adherence to safety regulations, ensuring workers are well-protected against flame hazards.

Whether you’re in petrochemical, utilities, or any other field requiring disposable FR gear, these coveralls adapt to your work, providing safety without the weight of traditional gear.

Distinct in their class for combining disposable convenience with professional-grade FR protection, the Atlas Guardian® Pro Coveralls are the smart choice for professionals looking for reliable, single-use safety solutions.

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