Womens Fire Resistant Taylor Knit - Ariat - Navy


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The Ariat Women's FR Taylor Knit Shirt is tailored for the discerning tradeswoman who doesn't compromise on safety or style. This piece combines the softness of a knit with the protective qualities of flame-resistant material, offering a smart and secure addition to your workwear. The deep navy hue and clean lines present a polished look, while the subtle branding adds a touch of professional pride.


  • Flame-resistant knit fabric for safety and comfort.
  • Sleek navy color for a professional appearance.
  • Designed with a comfortable, flattering fit.
  • Durable material that withstands the demands of trade work.
  • Easy to care for and maintain, ensuring longevity and performance.

For those who demand the best in safety gear, the Ariat Women's FR Taylor Knit Shirt delivers without sacrificing the feminine form or fashion sense. It's the smart choice for women who lead on the jobsite and look for comfort and durability in their work attire.

Designed for the woman who transitions between roles with ease, the FR Taylor Knit Shirt adapts to every part of your busy life. It's as suitable for client meetings as it is for hands-on work, offering a versatile option for every day.

The Ariat Women's FR Taylor Knit sets a new bar in women's workwear, offering a rare combination of flame-resistant safety and day-long comfort. This is the shirt for those who want to stand out for their work and their wardrobe.

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