Womens Fire Resistant Quater Zip - Ariat - Grey


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Work Life Workwear is proud to offer the Ariat Women's FR 1/4 Zip, a garment designed for the safety-conscious tradeswoman who does not compromise on comfort and style. This piece merges advanced flame-resistant technology with a design tailored for the female form, ensuring both protection and a flattering fit.

Features List:

  • Premium flame-resistant fabric that meets CAT 2, NFPA 70E, and NFPA 2112 standards, ensuring top-notch protection.
  • A convenient 1/4 zip front for easy wear and temperature regulation.
  • A soft, jersey-knit construction that provides a comfortable, non-bulky feel, suitable for layering.
  • A secure zippered chest pocket to keep personal items safe and accessible.
  • Designed with a contemporary fit that complements the professional aesthetic of the modern tradeswoman.
  • Subtle branding and a clean design that aligns with the need for functionality and workplace suitability.

The Ariat Women's FR 1/4 Zip, curated by Work Life Workwear, is more than just workwear—it's a statement of strength and dedication. It represents a commitment to providing women in the trades with apparel that supports their day, safeguards their work, and symbolizes their vital role in the industry.

This 1/4 zip is perfect for the diverse daily activities of the tradeswoman, offering versatility that spans from active job sites to casual engagements after work hours. It's a fundamental layer that adapts to the dynamic demands of her role with ease and elegance.

With its blend of safety features, tailored fit, and stylish design, the Ariat Women's FR 1/4 Zip stands out at Work Life Workwear. It addresses the specific needs of women in the workforce, providing a quality garment that’s as committed to the job as they are.

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