Mens Fire Resistant Long Sleeve Work Shirt - Ariat - Blue


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Crafted for those who demand durability without compromising on style, the Ariat FR Long Sleeve Work Shirt is the ultimate workwear staple. This shirt offers robust flame resistance combined with a classic design, ensuring you look professional while staying protected on the job.

Detailed Features:

  • Premium Flame-Resistant Fabric: Constructed with top-quality flame-resistant materials, this shirt meets industry safety standards while offering you peace of mind.
  • Classic Comfort Fit: The relaxed fit provides comfort throughout the day, allowing for easy movement and a professional appearance.
  • Functional Design: Features such as adjustable cuffs, a spacious chest pocket, and a button-down collar enhance its practicality for various work environments.
  • Breathable and Soft: The lightweight fabric is breathable and soft against the skin, suitable for long working hours and changing climates.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance: Made to last, this shirt is designed to withstand regular washing and wear while retaining its protective properties and color.

Incorporating both safety and style, the Ariat FR Long Sleeve Work Shirt is an investment in your professional wardrobe that delivers performance and a sharp appearance.

This work shirt transitions seamlessly from the workplace to casual settings, offering a versatile option for those who value functionality and style in their everyday attire.

Unlike other work shirts that prioritize function over form, the Ariat FR Long Sleeve Work Shirt stands out for its ability to offer both in equal measure. Its classic design is matched by its advanced safety features, making it a top choice for professionals who require FR clothing that doesn't look out of place off the job site.

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