58L 25PPM H2S/100 PPM CP/50% LEL METHANE/18% O2p


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The 58L Calibration Gas cylinder offers a precise blend of gases, crucial for the calibration of safety and detection equipment. Designed for a wide range of industrial applications, this cylinder contains 25 PPM Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), 100 PPM Carbon Monoxide (CO), 50% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) Methane, and 18% Oxygen (O2), providing the necessary standards for accurate instrument calibration.


  • Contains a calibrated mix of H2S, CO, Methane, and O2 for comprehensive detector calibration.
  • The 58-liter cylinder ensures an ample supply for multiple uses.
  • Essential for verifying the accuracy and responsiveness of gas detection systems.
  • Comes with industry-standard fittings for compatibility and ease of use.
  • Produced with strict quality controls for reliability and safety.

For those responsible for maintaining safety equipment in hazardous environments, this calibration gas is indispensable. It provides the assurance that your detectors are accurately calibrated, offering protection where it's needed most.

Tailored for professionals in sectors like mining, oil and gas, and utilities, this gas is a staple for routine safety checks, ensuring that every workday starts with confidence in your protective gear.

The 58L Calibration Gas stands out due to its precise gas formulation, providing reliable and consistent results for safety equipment calibration in any trades or industrial setting.

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