3M P100 Pancake Filter 2091


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The 3M P100 Pancake Filter 2091 is a versatile and lightweight filter designed for use in a variety of challenging environments. It's capable of trapping at least 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, mists, and other particulates. The unique 'pancake' design allows for low-profile positioning on the face, providing unobstructed field of vision and making it compatible with a wide range of protective eyewear.


  • P100 particulate filter provides a minimum 99.97% filter efficiency.
  • Compact, lightweight 'pancake' design for comfort and visibility.
  • NIOSH approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles.
  • Versatile protection against many airborne contaminants.
  • Easy attachment to 3M half and full facepiece respirators.

The 3M P100 Pancake Filter 2091 is an excellent choice for professionals seeking effective respiratory protection without the bulkiness of traditional filters. It offers high-level filtration efficiency while maintaining comfort and ease of movement.

Whether you're a tradesman, painter, or involved in demolition, remediation, or pharmaceutical manufacturing, these filters can be an integral part of your personal protective equipment, ensuring your respiratory health is safeguarded against fine particulates.

The 2091 filters stand out for their high efficiency and low-profile design, offering protection without hindrance, making them a preferred option for workers needing reliable, comfortable respiratory safety solutions.

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