116L 25PPM H2S/100 PPM CO/50% LEL METHANE/18% O2


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This 116L Calibration Gas cylinder is an indispensable tool for tradesmen in industries where precise gas detection and monitoring are critical. It contains a specific mixture of 25PPM Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), 100 PPM Carbon Monoxide (CO), 50% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) Methane, and 18% Oxygen (O2), which is essential for calibrating and testing multi-gas detectors to ensure they are working correctly and reliably. Perfect for those needing H2S calibration gas or methane calibration gas.


Comprehensive Calibration Mixture: Suitable for a wide range of detectors, including H2S calibration gas and 50 LEL methane calibration gas.
Large 116-Liter Volume: Provides extensive use and multiple calibrations, ideal for ongoing maintenance.
C-10 Valve: Ensures easy connection and compatibility with various equipment, including hydrogen sulfide gas cylinders.
Precision-Blended: Offers accurate readings and safety compliance, essential for LEL calibration gas and H2S ppm requirements.
OSHA Compliance: Crucial for maintaining OSHA-mandated calibration checks, ensuring your equipment meets all safety standards.

For the safety-conscious tradesman, consistent and accurate detector calibration is non-negotiable. This H2S calibration gas cylinder offers the reliability your work demands, ensuring that your safety equipment functions flawlessly when it matters most.

Whether you're on an oil rig, in a mine, or any environment with potential gas hazards, this methane calibration gas is a critical component of your safety protocol, seamlessly integrating into daily safety checks.

This calibration gas stands out for its precise blend, ensuring that tradesmen in hazardous environments have access to the highest standard of hydrogen sulfide calibration gas and other essential calibration mixtures for their critical safety equipment.

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