single leg cable lanyard
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Safety Direct's cable energy-absorbing lanyards, also known as cable shock-absorbing lanyards, are used for welding, high heat environments, painting, re-surfacing, foam insulating, and working in close proximity to sharp edges. The snap hook nearest to the energy absorber attaches to the dorsal (back) D-ring of the harness and the other connector connects to the anchor point.


  • 420 energy absorber, yellow for easy identification

  • Single leg

  • Clear heat shrink tubing protects the label and enables inspection of the energy absorber

  • Available with snap, ladder or scaffold hook connectors

  • Available in fixed 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths

  • Add ID/name inside shrink tube)


  • 1/4 in-5/16 in clear PVC coated galvanized cable with minimum tensile strength of 5000 lbs. (23 kN)

  • Hardware minimum break strength 5000 lbs. (23 kN)

  • Polyester 420 energy absorber

  • Maximum deployment length 3.4m (11 ft.)

  • Maximum free fall distance 1.8m (6 ft.)

  • Maximum capacity including clothing and equipment must be at least 200 Lbs. (91 kg) and not exceed 420 Lbs. (191 kg)

  • Certified to CSA Z259.11-17