Oil And Gas Industry - Fire Resistant FR Clothing Considerations

Employers operating in the oil and gas industry must provide their workers with fire-resistant FR clothing on-site. Flash fires are one of the most significant and dangerous workplace hazards oil and gas industry workers face.

Not all flame resistant FR safety garments are certified to protect against flash fires. This means that oil and gas employees require wearing a specific type of FR clothing for increased safety against these dangerous fires.

Besides flash fires, oil and gas industry workers face the stresses of heat, cold, low visibility, rain, and other weather-related difficulties. Moreover, flame-resistant rainwear for oil and gas operators protect against flash fires to meet workplace safety standards.

What Is FR Clothing?

FR clothing is a specialized type of safety workwear designed to safeguard its wearer from various workplace dangers, especially potential fire-related injuries. Overall, there are two main kinds of FR clothing:

  • Flame Resistant Clothing: These protective garment types are mainly resistant to embers and sparks. They are also self-extinguishing: they will stop burning once ignited by a flame. The primary function of this protective workwear is to lessen the extent of burn injuries
  • Flame Retardant Clothing: Contrary to its counterpart, the material used in manufacturing these safety garments is made out of a cotton-blend, which is inherently not flame resistant. However, the substance used is chemically treated to make it flame resistant. This type of protective clothing can also self-extinguish when exposed to a fire-related event

When Should You Use FR Clothing?

Fire-resistant clothing must be worn for oil and gas workers during various on-field processes, like drilling, servicing, extraction, and more. Occupational safety and health administration OSHA guidelines help protect laborers from flash fires while they’re busy conducting the processes mentioned above.

Choosing The Finest FR Clothing Suppliers

Oil and gas managers must provide their workers with the right type of insulated workwear to meet their workplace requirements. Ensure the fire-resistant FR clothing you purchase for your employees complies with OSHA measures.

Choose a FR clothing supplier that offers proper instructions on using, cleaning, and maintaining these protective garments. Finally, confirm whether the sellers know about the level of hazards faced by oil and gas workers; only then can they produce high-quality FR clothes.

Fire Resistant Clothing Maintenance

Some businesses hire specialized cleaning services to wash and maintain their protective workwear; others let their employees maintain their safety garments. However, proper training is often needed if you allow your workers to clean and maintain their own FR garments.

Many FR fabrics will have specific washing requirements. Always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions specified on your safety attire. It’s best to replace old FR safety workwear if you find visible defects in them.

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