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Jeans are some of the most resilient clothing, but they’re not invincible. If you have a pair of jeans that fit you well, it’s a good idea to learn how to care for your jeans so they can last as long as possible.

Thankfully, jeans don’t take a lot of work to keep in good shape and by following the tips below they can last for many years to come.

How to Care for Jeans: Spot Clean

Don’t let food stains become permanent or always run a load of laundry for the tiniest ketchup stain. Simply spot clean your jeans when you get something on them.

We recommend using a bit of mild dish soap and a microfibre cloth under cold water to get the peskiest of stains out.

Turn Them Inside Out

It might seem strange, to do since it’s not like jeans typically have print screen patterns on them, but turning your jeans inside out before washing can actually increase their lifespan. How? When you turn your jeans inside out you prevent the washing machine from causing your jeans to fade or lose colour.

Don’t forget to empty the pockets of your jeans before you wash them too! Any junk or items that get mixed in your wash that aren’t meant to be there only reduce the lifespan your jeans by damaging the material.

Caring for jeans by washing them properly

Be Mindful of Your Choice of Detergent

Even if you follow the other steps above, you can still reduce the longevity of your jeans by choosing the “wrong” detergent for them. No, there’s not necessarily a “wrong” choice of detergent, but some are much stronger than others and will more quickly reduce the look of your jeans.

Be mindful of not only your choice of detergent but also how much of it you use as well. Many newer detergents don’t actually require that you use that much for it to be effective.

Choose the Right Water Temperature to Wash Them

Speaking of washing your jeans properly, the temperature of water you put them through matters as well. Cold water should be your go-to since it protects against fading and shrinking. Plus, you’ll save energy and money by washing with cold water.

Keep Your Jeans Out of the Dryer

If you’ve ever cleaned out your lint catcher in your dryer and wondered where lint even came from there’s actually a simple answer. It’s your clothes breaking down in the dryer (admittedly very slowly). Since all it takes is one dryer cycle to ruin your favourite pair of jeans, opt instead to hang them up.

Yes, they will be a bit stiff when you put them back on, but a little stiffness is worth it to avoid having to hunt for a new favourite pair of jeans that not only fit, but are comfortable as well.

By following the above tips you’re sure to keep your comfy and enduring jeans for even longer.

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