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Safety Glasses - UVEX A700 Series - Amber Lens


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Elevate your eye protection with the UVEX A700 Series Safety Glasses featuring Amber Lenses. These safety glasses are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing enhanced visibility while protecting your eyes from potential hazards. The amber lens color is engineered to improve contrast and depth perception in low-light conditions, making these glasses an ideal choice for a variety of work environments.


  • Amber Lens Tint: Enhances contrast and minimizes blue light to help alleviate eye strain during extended wear.
  • Lightweight Design: Crafted for comfort, the glasses boast a sleek, lightweight frame for all-day wear without discomfort.
  • Durable Construction: Features a rugged, scratch-resistant lens coating that ensures a long-lasting, clear vision.
  • Wrap-Around Coverage: Offers a wide field of vision with wrap-around lens design for better protection against debris.
  • Non-Slip Fit: Equipped with non-slip temples and a soft nose piece for a secure, stable fit.
  • ANSI Z87.1-2010 Standard: Certified to meet the ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard for impact protection and optical clarity.

The UVEX A700 Series Safety Glasses with Amber Lens are an excellent investment for professionals seeking reliable eye protection with the added benefit of enhanced visual clarity in varying light conditions.

These safety glasses are perfect for construction workers, laboratory technicians, or anyone who needs protection from environmental hazards while requiring the visual acuity provided by the amber lens tint.

The UVEX A700 Series stands out due to its combination of visual clarity, comfort, and durability. The specialized amber lenses offer users an edge in environments where lighting conditions may hinder performance, providing both protection and improved vision.

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